Career in Gama Etiket

Gama Etiket, acts with the awareness that its most important capital is human resources in order to make a difference in domestic and global sector competition. For this purpose, it attaches great importance to the motivation and satisfaction of its employees. Our company realizes sectoral development and growth and keeps public awareness at the forefront. Gama Etiket is a structure created by people who integrate their own life with the future of the institution in which they work and create value through their work. With this motivation, it moves with all its strength towards becoming one of the exemplary companies of the future.


Vision Of Human Resources

We accept the most important employee principle to develop our material and spiritual working conditions with the awareness that our success is directly proportional to the happiness of our employees. Improving one’s self and work, creating value, is considered the main responsibility of the employee. In this context, we consider it one of our most important responsibilities to win new colleagues who will take the institution further with their contributions.


Mission Of Human Resources

By creating a working environment which makes our employees excited and proud, which is the biggest factor in the continued success of our organization ensure continuity of employee satisfaction; customer-oriented, emphasis on socially responsible and ethical values, always aiming to win the group, Our highly qualified employees knowledge, skills and develop their competencies; to unleash their potential, consistently providing superior performance in every sector where the group is to maintain this position and to be most preferred.

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